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Tips for preparing the new house for the move

The excitement of moving to a new house can be overwhelming, but it also involves a series of tasks that you need to accomplish to ensure a smooth transition. Properly preparing your new home before the move can save you time and stress in the future. In this blog, we will offer you valuable tips and tricks to efficiently and organizedly prepare your new house. Let's get started!

Plan ahead:

Before you start packing, it is essential to make a detailed plan of how you want to organize your new home. Consider the layout of the house, room sizes, and furniture placement. This will help you decide which items you should take with you and which ones can be discarded or donated.

Label your boxes:

One of the most tedious parts of moving is unpacking all the boxes in your new house. Simplify this process by clearly labeling each box with its contents and the room it belongs to. This way, the moving crew can place the boxes in the correct rooms, making organization and unpacking easier.

Deep cleaning:

Before you start unpacking, take the opportunity to do a deep cleaning in your new home. Clean all surfaces, including floors, windows, and cabinets. If possible, do it before your belongings arrive so that you can easily access all areas without obstacles.

Plan furniture layout:

Before the moving crew arrives with your furniture, measure the rooms and plan where you will place each piece. This will save you time and effort as the movers can directly place your furniture in its designated spot.

Prepare an "essentials" box:

Pack a box with essential items that you will need immediately after the move. Include items such as bedding, personal hygiene products, basic kitchen utensils, and a few plates and cutlery. This way, you will have access to necessities while unpacking the rest of your belongings.


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