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When it comes to transporting a large television in a long-distance move, there are ways to pack it to ensure its best protection. Start by gathering the necessary supplies and then follow the steps below to safely pack your television for transport.

Gather Packing Supplies

Ideally, you will have the original TV box, but if not, make sure to get a box of similar dimensions. You will also need good quality packing tape and bubble wrap to fill any gaps. Another alternative to bubble wrap would be to use cork. It's also a good idea to have blankets to cover it and provide additional cushioning.

Unplug All Cables and Accessories

First, you'll need to disconnect and neatly organize the external cables. You may find half a dozen additional cables that you will need to watch and label in order to set them up in your new home. Clean dust from the back of the television to ensure a clean work area. Disconnect each device one at a time and label the cable with tape and a marker.

Label the Cables

Place a piece of colored tape over a TV input and wrap a matching piece of tape around the cable that needs to be connected there. This will help you identify which cables go where when setting up your TV and audio system at home after the move.

Prepare Your TV

Remember that the screen, no matter how lightweight or thin it may be, is made of fragile materials. Therefore, this is not a job that should be done by one person alone, especially if the TV is very large. Unscrew any wall anchoring pieces while the other person holds the television. Place the screws in sealable plastic bags and label them accurately.

Protect Your TV

Cushion and wrap your TV. Wrap it loosely with packing tape with the adhesive side facing out, and then roll bubble wrap around it. The end should stick to the adhesive surface of the packing tape to prevent it from sliding.

Mobile Straps

Mobile straps are often needed to secure the blankets or pads to the TV and also to provide grip so that the screen can be transported while moving. The use of straps will depend on the size of the TV and how awkward it is to handle. Using padding or blankets, which are necessary to protect the unit, will make it difficult to transport it without straps to hold it together.


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